• PLC Programming
  • SCADA Systems
  • Production Data Collection Systems
  • Robot Applications
  • Camera Applications


Maintenance and Technical Service

Dedicated local services and 7/24 support

Providing professional local services for developing productivity, performance and process safety requirements of our customers, we give answers for urgent needs at all hours of the day with our support services.

Renewing and system upgrading
If needed, current hardware is renewed in fastest and easy way that will prevent non-operating time and investment costs will be decreased. Alternatively, we can find high performance solutions to increase productivity and upgrade your production processes. We have competent to deal with all project applications with our special team and maintenance programs.
Installation and commissioning
Our aim is to ensure the safety and optimum service life of your equipment.
  • We ensure the systems are installed in compliance with local technical regulations and safety standards.
  • Commissioning on site services leads systems to be installed completely and in fastest way.
  • Our guarantee period can be extended to 48 months.
Comprehensive training
Comprehensive training is provided in local education centers with planned academic programs. Furthermore we provide adapted trainings at the facility of your design, maintenance and operation staff for special applications.
No matter whether planned or urgent, our maintenance policy is to meet your special requirements by minimizing non-operating and shut down time.
  • Emergency services include 7/24 telephone and internet support, technical support on-site, delivery of products and spare parts and urgent repairments at all hours of day.
  • We can perform replacement of products, renewing and upgrading of systems fast through assembly centers for continuous maintenance work.
  • Maintenance agreement is provided to ensure proper function of our equipment.
Services have been optimized all across the country, please contact the local sales representitive of your region for all details of local services we provide.